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You're not going to put this in a clown are you?

23 July 2001
Victor kisses, tells and gives marks out of ten.

Hang on a second. I strongly advise against inserting anything into a clown. As much as they deserve it. And I'm not that practised in things anal. See Matt's Up the Arse, Or Not At All for that. I do like resting my nose in other people's bellybuttons (note, 'people's' - no discrimination whatsoever thus far. I should perhaps have drawn the line at the vagrant who sells the Big Issue outside Brixton tube station, who claimed that his pregnant girlfriend had died in the Marchioness disaster and who forced me to wear one of his earrings). As my yoga technique improves I will in due course be able to nuzzle my own navel (and suck my own cock). Problem solved.

There remains the social cloud that hangs over the seven of us now that we are 'writers'. As far as we are aware there have been no biological side effects of our yearlong involvement in clown. But I'm now starting to wonder: is it possible that midnight stealth monkeys have abseiled through the skylights of our cityliving shagpads, loaded with branding equipment with which to mark us as creative pariahs? Possible. But who would do such a thing? Not one of us - the culprit could easily be identified as the one who still has close friends. As in too many B-Movies the finger points at our monstrous spawn as it turns on its creators, screwing their personal relationships.

I'm not surprised that clown has an organic quality: it was always going to be bigger than the sum of us, an individual entity demanding nourishment of varied quality and exposure to a public as bright as the 60 Watt bulb on a wire you use to illuminate your loft when you decide the lawn's trim enough for a game of badminton. I didn't bank on its ability to breed mistrust.

For some months now I have been aware of people looking at me differently, strangely. Perhaps it's the new glasses, the built-up shoes, the scarring. It could be any number of things. But maybe it's because I wake up every morning with the words 'Don't talk to me - I'll write you down' tattooed on my forehead in permanent marker pen.

No longer does my mother tell me about her escort work and credit card fraud. Our conversations now typically revolve around the search for the 'real' Diana and the prospects of 'Tim Hinmin', the first and last Brit ever to win anything ever.

My father has refrained from regaling me with his stories of youthful calvados-fuelled date rape in Seventies Normandy. We now engage only by means of a protracted evaluation of the relative merits of the great British folk/rock bands - Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span?

My sexploits are increasingly unpredictable and divergent: partners that err on the timid side are paranoid that they will be newsworthy. Of course they're right. I have it all stored in my head ready for use at an appropriate juncture. Remember that next time you feel like winding me up. Those who are self-serving endeavour to pleasure me further in order to get a good write up. By all means carry on - I'll even name names if it makes you work harder.

Work colleagues are hard to get on with at the best of times. In their inferiority they quite reasonably fear that I will discredit them in front of the powers that be. As a result they are very inquisitive but not very giving.

Sexploits with work colleagues are somewhat problematic.

I am not a whiteboard, I'm a human being. Trust me. Look into my eyes. Come on, you know me. I have ample material for my writing without having recourse to my private life. Why would I compromise what I have with you? It's soooo special.

So, to conclude - 8.


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