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Peas In A Pod

12 September 2002
James doesn't wonder why we don't get told about stuff like this.

There are around two hundred countries in the world. That's a good number for kick-ass party. Get a good band up on stage, enough quality booze down their throats, and soon all the world leaders are bumping and grinding to that live funky beat. Some of them are actually quite good dancers. Most aren't though and have little or no shame. Since Yeltsin has gone, however, the others do get some room on the dance floor.

There are two middle aged men leaning against the long dark bar, having one of those deep meaningful conversations that only male strangers can have with one another after reaching a certain level of drunkenness. Just a couple of shorts away from the "you're my bessht mate I love you" stage...

"You know, I should hate you Saddam, for going after my daddy in '93 like that, but you seem ok".

"Well hell, it was only a bit of fun. If I had a penny for all the failed assassination plots your daddy threw at me, I would be able to afford I would be able to finally get my hands on that weapons grade uranium I've been after."

"See (pointing unsteadily) I knew it! All those lily-livered peace-huggers can kiss my wrinkly ass."

"Well, you've already got nukes. Maybe I should send a pre-emptive strike up the Potomac?"

"(laughing) You can't because I've already got nukes. That's why they're so great. Can't really blame you for trying though, S-man (punching shoulder)"

"(not really listening) And you sponsor a damn sight more terrorists than I do. Those Northern Alliance buggers are bloody nasty bunch. Word of advice - don't go round to dinner at theirs. You don't know which tribal warlord will be on the menu. (an inappropriately explosive guffaw)"

"Yeah well we can't have people coming and attacking us in the US. So we went and attacked someone else in their country to show that we can do it even worse than them! (Saddam doesn't understand George's drawl through the fit of giggles."

"Hey look, there's that Mugabe. Let's get him over here - he tells great dirty jokes. He says that weird mini-Hitler moustache is a sex thing for the ladies. Tickles their fancy in just the right way apparently."

"Might give that a go - how do you think I'd look with a big fat Stalin across my face"

(the conversation falters as they both fall about. The Emperor of Japan, Sultan of Brunei and Prince Phillip push their way to the bar and loudly demand another round of B-52s)

"You know what George, we're not that different if you think about it. We both like weapons of mass destruction"

"But there's no way either of us would let the UN see any of it!"

"Yup, and we both arm and train terrorist organisations"

"Yeah, and we've both started wars against other countries"

"And I flaunt my hostility towards you"

"And I flaunt MY hostility towards YOU"

"And soon we'll be having a war against each other"

"I dunno but it seems kinda poetic in a poetic kinda way (those last couple of tequilas are getting to George now)"

"(hic!) Fuck I hate the hiccups more than the Kurds. So anyway George, you going to invade or what? Seem to getting some trouble getting support"

"Yeah, it's an annoying beeyach. Speaking of which - (clicks his fingers)"

Tony Blair sidles up next to them with a grinning glottal stop infused "Alrigh' guys, how's ih going?"

"Fuck off, Tony" they both say in unison, as they collapse across the bar laughing hysterically in each other's arms.


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