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We Are Your Idea

5 December 2002
James waves goodbye to the good ship Irony.

2/11/02 11:39 GMT

From: Roger Tenement

To: All London Consulting Team

Cc: Amy Canister

Subject: Internal Satirical Newsletter

Dear All,

Since we've passed some significant milestones lately and things have calmed down a bit, I think now is a great time to launch the internal satirical newsletter mooted at the last whole team meeting. I know some people seemed keen then, so if you and any other budding "hacks" out there are interested, please contact Amy Canister and she'll organise the contributory and editorial teams, with the aim of publishing the first issue in time for the next meeting in January.




20/11/02 16:41 GMT

From: Amy Canister

To: James Noteworthy

Subject: Re: Satirical Interest

Dear James,

Thanks for your email. You're more than welcome to attend our next conference call this Friday (connection details are attached). I can also send you the draft articles so far and the minutes from our last meeting if you like. As you can see, there's still room for plenty of suggestions, so anything you can think of would be really helpful - especially from someone with writing credentials like yours.

Amy {attach - newsletter}


25/11/02 13:59 GMT

From: Amy Canister

To: Ruth Battlement, Anthony Digit, Ryan F. Glass, Duncan McDigger,

James Noteworthy, Simon Turnstile

Subject: Action Points from Friday 22nd

Thanks for attending the conference call on Friday. These are the points dicussed/actions:

1. Cosmo-style quiz (i.e. What type of Manager are you?). Duncan to get final draft to me by 17th Dec.

2. Top 10 Ways to Make Partner. Good idea Simon - Dec 17th for draft please.

3. Ryan will take digital camera to Christmas party with aim of producing a "what not to wear" spread with captions etc.

4. Celebrity look-alikes in the team. Ruth will start compiling this, so give any more ideas to her.

5. Agony Aunt page. Duncan/Simon to complete final draft for 17th Dec.

6. Anthony will finish the "jargonese" article, and get it to me for 17th Dec.

7. Editorial intro. James to get this to me by 17th Dec.

We've got plenty of ideas now to fill up at least the first issue, and it's beginning to look really good! How is the 6th of Dec for the next meeting? Also, Simon and I discussed doing something quick for the team meeting next week - just some funny slides/movies with captions etc. and a flyer to put on chairs. James, could you do some copy for the flyer in line with the plans for the editorial?

Kind regards



28/11/02 09:44 GMT

From: James Noteworthy

To: Amy Canister

Subject: Re: Edited version of flyer

Hi Amy,

That's disappointing - those were the best bits! All the people I've shown it too thought it was good and that there was no reason not to go with it. I just think it falls a little flat by taking away the sharper bits. I'm just worried that our target audience will just see it as a bit crap - especially if obvious opportunities to have a real dig aren't taken. If we're going to focus on satire, then I think that Roger should be at least slightly prepared to reap what he's sown. Otherwise it may just degenerate into periodical of weak jokes that no-one reads.

And I don't see why he's objected to "tingling almost coital anticipation" for a batch run! It's not a school magazine!

Anyway, if there's nothing that we can do to spice it up, then I guess that's that. I'm just venting my views. I will bear all this in mind for my upcoming editorial bit - I'll get it to you in the next few days. Please let me know what Roger thinks of it.




2/12/02 11:32 GMT

From: Roger Tenement

To: All London Consulting Team

Cc: Amy Canister

Subject: James Noteworthy

It is with great regret that I must announce that James Noteworthy (Analyst, Core Solutions Team) has been taken seriously ill and will not be returning to work. His family have requested that they and he be left in peace in order to help his recovery, so I strongly urge everyone not to attempt to contact him or his family.

A new member, Sophie Cropfurrow, with be joining in his place. We will be holding New Joiner Drinks in the Cross & Cable tomorrow night from 7.




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