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16 September 2002
George isn't just talking to herself.

Take me with you! Don't make me stay all alone in the house without anyone to talk to!

The hour between getting up and leaving the house is the worst. Outside, away from home, things are less familiar and thus less likely to look at or talk to me. Inside though the familiarity combined with my leaving is - well. After seven forty-five a.m., it's easier.

The first five minutes after waking aren't too bad. Getting out of bed poses the first of the day's minor traumas as my stuffed toys shoot me reproachful sleepy looks. As I go to run my bath, the guilt starts to kick in. Strangely (or perhaps not) very few of the bathroom items talk to me- the Lush shampoo bar and the Pantene Pro-V don't try to guilt-trip me about which one of them I should use. The soaps remain unflappable whether I use them or not. My toothbrushes show little difference in emotion, whether they're or whether they're about to be thrown out. Even the towels have a permanent air of calm about them. I emerge from the tub, dry myself and head back to my room to dress.

Inside it's psychic bedlam. I can already feel tension radiating from my knickers drawer about my choice of underwear for the day, and all of my pairs of shoes are lining up tall and straight in an effort to be picked. Choose me, Georgina, choose me! The atmosphere as I dress isn't dissimilar to that when the lottery balls are chosen. Each item of clothing that I put on decreases the chance of certain shoes being worn; the brown tweed trousers, for example, will never be worn with the grey marl heels. Only the knee-high black boots can be worn with everything but their smugness has been worn down. The boots are at that precarious stage of wearing out, and every blissful outing that they take with me now only decreases the time until they get thrown away. And they know it.

As I don my clothes I avoid looking over to the toys (one large brown teddy bear, one deformed pig) on the futon. I know that they're picking up the subtle differences in my attire - no jeans, no trainers, subtle but flattering make-up - which mean that I'll be leaving the house for work soon. No weekend mooching around today. I am torn by the trauma on their faces (and Jesus, they actually have faces, which makes it so much worse than the guilt from the rest of my belongings) but suppressing my hurt I go to make breakfast.

Food was actually where it started: knowing that if I didn't eat that last green bean then it would sit all alone on the plate, drowning in its own personal beany misery. If you just eat it, darling, then it can be with the rest of its friends in your tummy! Nondistinct amorphous foodstuffs like milk and Ready Brek are OK as there's not enough distinction for a sense of identity. Distinct foods are unspeakable though. On any particular morning the bananas and satsumas in the fruit bowl will vie for my attention, and the rice and the pasta fight it out at dinner that evening. This state of play has led to my weight problem; leaving food unfinished on my plate is on a par with abandoning a new-born baby by a police station with a note: My name is David. Kick me if you want. I tried bulimia briefly but the confusion of my meals - You brought us in and loved us, only to reject us again? - was awful.

Taking leave of the house is done swiftly and with my Walkman on, eighties power ballads drowning out the cries of my belongings. Knowing I'll be back in ten hours isn't enough - I know that they want me to be there full time, loving, nurturing.

The train that takes me into town is getting to know me now. The tickets are friendly, in a fleeting way. My computer at my desk is becoming more at ease with me, as it the desk itself. And I think that kettle in the staff kitchen definitely likes me.


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