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This Clown is Cancelled

21 November 2002
George is a slacker


Full refund for all tickets at gate.

Producers and artists of George ClownTM apologise for the cancellation.

All other tour dates expected to continue as planned.

* * *

This performance of "George's Upsideclown" is SOLD OUT. Please do not ask our employees for tickets, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY LEFT.

Please do not buy tickets for "George's Upsideclown" from ticket touts outside this theatre - THEY ARE NOT HONEST. We will not accept fake tickets and you will waste your money.

This performance is SOLD OUT.

* * *

Hey, UpsideFans!!

Missed your chance to read GeorgeClown the this time around? Start saving your pennies now - the next edition of the famous clown's work will be out in 3 (count 'em!) weeks, just in time for Christmas! George, the most junior and curly clown, promises that there will be no disappointments next time around, just good clean fun!

Can't wait?? Check out the back-catalogue at the bottom!! Woo!!!

* * *


There will be NO CLOWN this week. Normal service to be resumed on Monday.

NO CLOWN this week.

Please ask in the lobby for further information.

* * *

Pleading exhaustion brought on by jet-lag, George Clown failed to produce his clown for the ClownMaster this week. Seemingly showing scant regard for the thousands of clown fans that he will disappoint this week, George stifled a yawn and said, "I simply didn't have time". Continuing with unlikely excuses George C added "I just couldn't find an internet café in New York that would let me do word-processing. It was the net or nothing, and I couldn't afford to spend two hours online."

So, despite spending 4 days in the most cosmopolitan city on earth, George couldn't find a simple Word programme? But the cheap pleas just kept on coming. "When I got back, I had to work for a day in the shop, then a day at the council. This is the first chance I've had to do any clown-related activities. I'm so sorry."

Sorry? This from a clown who has time and time again failed to meet deadlines? The ClownMaster has shown himself to be merciful to MC GC's continuing slackness. But this time, with results of George's sheer bloody-minded laziness affecting millions of clown buffs worldwide - will the fans forgive??

* * *




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