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Three is the magic number

13 February 2003
George isn't really a third wheel

As you walk into the gallery, the object in your hand is sending out waves of information to the one, two, and three monitors around the walls of the museum. You move forward; the beams of numbers intersect and communicate, following your steps towards the large red and rose canvas which dominates the room on the left-hand wall. You stand in front of the painting. Your position has been triangulated by wireless technology.

This, the object in your palm tells you, is the Rothko.

Running around the burnt-out moors, sporting a large and sprouty beard, Christian Bale did a similar thing with dragons in Reign of Fire. Three positioning satellites locked position to track the she-dragons terrorising the post-apocalyptic survivors of Northumberland. Three was the exact and perfect amount for the operation. One sees nothing; two is too few and could result in parallel beams, spinning the desired object off into a limbo of parallels. Four is too many, because once you have three you can triangulate and track. Three is the magic number.

Three used to be the number for a family - one plus one makes one - but in these perspex cloning days of Dolly the sheep and cc the kitten, the magical three has been reduced down to the binary, dualistic, black/white, good/evil two. Out of one comes one. This does not bode well.

On the subject of dualism: even the faiths which we would presuppose to divide down the middle into good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and hell; even they utilise three, giving depth and mystical choice to the spread of the faith. Father, son and holy ghost. Maiden, mother and crone. Privatisation, public ownership and the "third way". Three splits the choice and shows the dimensions. Two is the text and the paper; three is the book and the screed.

Also: colours. No duality here- the entire fantastic spectrum comes from the holy three of red, blue and yellow. [disclaimer for art students and physicists: for white, spin 'em, for black, blend 'em]. All of sight's creation coming from the magic three. But also nothing - nothing that we can predict or control. Put two variables into a system and it is possible to predict and even control the causes and effects of both. Add a magic third, and it all goes to fuck - it is impossible to know what or where or how is going on, except that there's paint everywhere and the wallpaper's crooked and there are rubber ducks on the lawn.

Give it up - three is truly the magic number. Sex between you and another can be dull as plastic; threesomes are fun, fun, fun. Twins are kind of over - triplets are the future. The only reason that humanity relies so much on binary systems is from our gross physical make-up - two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, two kidneys. The second provides the back-up. The third provides the fun.

I went to Trinity College. Does it show?


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