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Manhattanites are Cleavage-Starved

29 September 2003
George is mixing with the natives

"Oh, it's not just here" Marcie said, "it's every major American city." I had met her fifteen minutes previously in the girl bar on the lower East side, and we were sitting with our martinis on the leather banquettes, cruising the women as they came in. Marcie was as thin as the rest of them.

"It's just not eating much and lots of exercise, that's all it is" she said. "It's entirely achievable".

Entirely achievable. After a fortnight there I was beginning to feel that this was not so much achievable as necessary. The transatlantic transfer of my body from a British size twelve into bodice-busting New York boutique XL was disconcerting. Buying flouncy lingerie which fitted that claimed to be a UK 18-20 was odd. Being on the receiving end of Foxy Lady comments on the street (not least on the days when I wore low-cut tops) was stranger still, especially given that the fun-size women didn't seem to be getting the same attention. Was their thinness marking them out untouchable ice ladies, or was my cleavage marking me out as an all-approachable ho?

The same situation prevailed in the bars and clubs. Clothes were low-slung trousers with tight tops showing a slice of flat, lean stomach and tight slim hips. All emphasis was on the midriff; there was no placement of the erotic on tits or arse because no-one had any. The most shocking aspect of one of the burlesque dancers that I saw perform on the night of the hurricane was that she was an honest (British) size fourteen, with bosoms to match. The fact of her near-nudity was nothing; the presence of her honest-to-God giant bouncing bazoombas was amazing.

The night before I met Marcie I was dancing in a packed dyke club to Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back", the anthem to ladies with large asses, which was fucking weird because nearly no-one in there had any observable ass to speak of. Men, women, I got comments on the street and chat-up lines from them both.

"Yeah, I know what you mean but that's just how it is" Marcie said. "Look, see her? She's got tits" - she later turned out to be French - "but you don't look at the body so much, you just get over it. 'Cause, it's what inside that counts." I left her chatting up the shy brunette next to her and found a late night deli. I ate the packet of beef jerky in the cab back, but waited until I was in my room at the hostel before starting on the corn chips and cheese dip.


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