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18 August 2003
George is cutting.

The two men are in a sawdust and spit tavern, and they are there because the older man has come to see another, to come to an "arrangement". Both men are beautiful, pretty boys in different ways, both with long dark hair and beards and 'tashes. The older is a roughened man about town with trinkets in his hair and gold in his teeth, and a possible alcohol abuse problem. The younger is cleaner, more shaven and trimmed, and far far less learned in the ways of the world.

The two have been together for a reasonable period of time now. Their relationship encompasses many clichés of duality - master/apprentice, innocent/worldly, lawkeeper/rebel, clean/scruffy, top/bottom. Before leaving for his meeting, the older one leans in close so that his breath warms his partner's cheek and mutters in his cockney accent a warning for the younger to be on the alert.

And pinches his arse.

You missed that? Maybe your mind was on other things such as the ongoing love triangle between the captain, the goalkeeper and the junior of the England squad. No? Well, you can't have missed the nine-way relationship going on between the friends who were doing a bit of camping and pot-holing whilst trying to offload a piece of mystical (but quite tacky) jewellery.

I see slashed people. It is my curse. In the shadows, in the pauses in conversations, in the looks thrown over shoulders, in the tension of body language, I see slash. It's been a very long time since I last saw or read news or film or print that had two or more men in it, and didn't see their relationship for what it was.

I was initially shown the way in films. Two rival dancing gangs on the streets of New York, battling it out for turf and respect. Even the prepubescent innocent that I was then knew the threat that the Puerto Rican gang leader posed to the long-term relationship between the American leader and his deputy. Why stay with drab T-shirts and jeans when there was the allure of suits and bright shirts and a funky dancing style to be sampled. And even then I also knew that the women were just fronts, rubber ducks rather than real birds. No fully heterosexual man that isn't rampantly banging his daftly named deputy has a girlfriend called Graziella. The only women presented were either fronts, feisty dykes or drag queens.

(How about: the bleach blond guy with sharp teeth and his fuckpuppet/archnemisesisies, the large-set brown haired builder. They exchange biting insult and retire to the blonde's crypt).

Thus it started. I had no words then for how I perceived things, nor would I have known how to ask about it. ("So that film that we saw in English Lit; was it just me or were all the guys constantly at it?")

The breakthrough came with 253. One of the passengers (I forget which) was writing slash in her notebook on the underground. Discovering that this type of sight had a name, a history and (now) several hundred thousand fan sites was a boost, and helped to develop and hone my sight to the fearsome laser-like level that it is today.

(Or the boarding school that's probably somewhere in the north of England, given that the train there leaves from Kings Cross, where the staff and pupils are at it like knives, as their parents were decades before them.)

Now there is nothing that my slash-vision doesn't see and slice through. Batman and Robin is an obvious starter for ten, but still works. Male politicians shouting and sneering in the House of Commons? Just wait until they get home. And as for the male members of the 'Clown should be able to work it out by now.


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